11 month old Amarannia saved from choking to death.

11 month old Amarannia was playing in her living room when she picked up a piece of plastic and put it in her mouth.

Amarannia’s mother suddenly heard a strange gurgling noise from the living room, and her worst fear had come true, Amarannia was choking. She ran over to her and could see something sharp in her throat. Amarannia’s mother tried to grab it as she could see the piece of plastic, but when Amarannia gasped the piece of plastic went further down and had now completely blocked her airway. Her mother tried back blows, but it was stuck, her older daughter called EMS right away.  Amarannia’s mother kept trying back blows, but Amarannia’s lips were turning blue, nothing was working.  She then remembered that the device she dug out from her closet for the family trip was still in her suitcase. She ran to grab it, and used it on Amarannia. It took two tries, then “out popped a plastic piece [from a thick plastic bag clasp].”  Amarannia’s lips turned pink, she started to cry, and soon after, was puzzled why her mother looked so distressed. The paramedics arrived, checked the baby, and deemed she was well, her breathing was normal, her lungs were clear and she was running around as if her mother’s worst nightmare hadn’t just happened.

Matthew Banagan from LifeVac Europe commented “Another life saved from LifeVac is great to hear, especially it being another little child. This is again proving noninvasive suction is crucial to have when BLS fails and hopefully will be included into first aid choking protocol guidelines in the future, to increase the current 70% effectiveness of BLS choking protocol to as close to a 100% effective as possible “.

LifeVac has saved lives from all around the world, in the UK LifeVac is very popular in the care sector as choking is a common occurrence due to Neurological diseases such a Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington’s Disease and physical disabilities. In the UK LifeVac has worked with over 2200 care and nursing homes across the UK from small independent care homes to some of the largest well respected care providers, providing training and easy integration into care providers care plans. LifeVac has saved 18 lives in the care sector alone.





For the use on adults only in the UK and Ireland until further notice.

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