LifeVac Public Statement Clarification

In relation to the controversy raised by the statement published. LifeVac Europe Limited, would like to excuse itself for what has clearly been an error in the terminology used in its communication.

We recognize the misuse of the term “Social Media troll”, which did not refer to the health professionals who have given us their contributions, to whom we ratify our most sincere apologies.


It is not the intention of Life Vac Europe to question the opinions of health professionals. On the contrary, we want to emphasize that from LifeVac Europe Ltd., not only do we value all the opinions of the medical and the emergency sector, but we also collaborate closely with this field. We reiterate our offer to collect assessments and / or experiences on the use of LifeVac airway clearance device and are always open to medical professionals who would like to under take any testing/trials to further more prove the efficacy of LifeVac in addition to the medical publications, lives saved and independent medical studies that already support LifeVac.


LifeVac is a non-invasive suction device intended to be used after the protocol of the European Resuscitation Guidelines for OVACE cases when this protocol has not been successful. The purpose of LifeVac is not to replace the established guidelines, but to offer an additional alternative when the protocol has not been effective at relieving the obstruction. In this scenario, LifeVac has been used successfully with documented cases, and no contraindication has been described in the patients with whom it has been used.



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