LifeVac saves another life in the care sector!

LifeVac have been informed once again our device has been put to use to save another life from choking to death.

Staff at Lakeveiw Complex Needs Care Home in Manchester put their outstanding training and knowledge to the test when a resident began to choke on food during meal time.

David began to choke during meal time while eating his food, staff recognised David was in difficulty breathing and carried out BLS protocol which failed.

A staff member grabbed LifeVac and used it to dislodge the food from Davids airway saving his life.


Matthew Banagan from LifeVac Europe commented “This is great news again, Exemplar Healthcare is our oldest customer. With all the sad news lately in the world regarding the Coronavirus and the shortages with PPE within the care sector, it is nice hearing some good news at last. This is LifeVacs 9th life saved in 4 months when standard BLS has failed or cannot be performed due to underlying conditions such as frailty or disability. A free replacement LifeVac was sent out as standard procedure the same day.”


LifeVac has also recently partnered with The Care Workers Charity for their Coronavirus Care Workers Fund. Eric, MD from LifeVac Europe commented “As LifeVac has already worked with and equipped many of the CWC’s partners it felt only right that we partner with the CWC and help raise as much funds possible to support care workers effected by the Coronavirus. Just enter CWC10 when purchasing a LifeVac via our website and you will receive a discount from your order and 25% of each sale will go to the Care Workers Charity Coronavirus Fund.”

LifeVac will also continue to work with the CWC in the future to help raise funding for their emergency grants.


LifeVac continues to be proud of being the only non-invasive airway clearance device and only airway clearance device with independent peer reviewed verifiable publications, independent medical testing and medical abstracts proving safety, effectiveness and lives saved.

by LifeVac

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