LifeVac home kit

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The LifeVac Home Kit is a preferable option for home use, it is easily stored due to its small box, ideal for kitchen areas or dining rooms. Each mask comes with coloured rings to easily identify which mask suits the casualty as unfortunately one size mask will not fit everyone.

The A5 BLS leaflet details how and when to use LifeVac to save a life.

The instruction booklet details how to use LifeVac and which coloured ring identifies the size of the mask.

The Feedback form is to be filled out once your LifeVac is used to help us raise awareness and improve our service.

LifeVac Home Kit comes with a LifeVac Unit, LifeVac Instruction Booklet, A5 BLS leaflet, 2 Medium Adult Masks, 1 Small Adult Mask and feedback form.


.FDA Registered, MHRA Registered as a class 1 medical device and CE accredited.



The LifeVac Home Kit comes with a small adult mask, 2 medium adult masks, A5 BLS leaflet,instruction booklet and feedback form.

  • Not intended for use on persons under 10 kg.

LifeVac Home Kit is £59.95 + VAT & Delivery.


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Weight .6 kg

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  1. Mikael

    So simple yet so smart! How come no one came up with this idea a long time ago? I have a Livevac in my home close to the kitchen/dining room. I will also ask my kids’ school to put one in the cafeteria.

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