Runwood Homes Partners With LifeVac Europe.

On the 24th of July 2019, leading UK residential care and nursing home operator, Runwood Homes, have partnered with LifeVac Europe, to equip staff with the only non-invasive airway clearance device to use in choking emergencies.

The vacuum face-mask system operates with a simple place-push-pull handle manoeuvre to remove blockages by suction, 3 times greater than the highest recorded cough, and, in turn, clearing airways to re-enable breathing.

Gavin O’Hare-Connolly, Chief Operating Officer of Runwood Homes, speaks of the new partnership; “LifeVac is invaluable, lifesaving technology and we feel that it is essential to support our staff with such crucial lifesaving equipment. In particular, LifeVac will protect our residents who are living with a neurological condition, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, and with an increased choking risk.”

Wall mounted LifeVac packs are easily accessible and available to staff in all 72 Runwood Homes, each having received comprehensive training on using the device to safely and effectively remove any lodged food or object.


Matthew Banagan, Sales and Marketing Director of LifeVac Europe, commented; “LifeVac Europe are extremely proud to be working with such a well-respected care group such as Runwood Homes, who provide quality care for their residents.”

LifeVac have now worked with an equipped over 2700 care and nursing homes across the UK and have built a life saving reputation within the care sector, we are very happy to welcome Runwood Homes to the ever growing list of care providers who place their trust in us.

Just today a news article was released on another tragic choking tragedy Man at Kingsley Care Home Choked To Death On A Hot Cross Bun

Knowing how much of a common occurrence choking is in the care sector we are committed to helping care providers raise their standards of care and going the extra step to safeguard the people they care for. With over 20 lives saved in the care sector alone we are working really hard to raise awareness.


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