Two lives saved in a matter of days in the care sector.

LifeVac Europe are extremely proud to be informed of our 2nd life saved within Hallmark Care Homes.

Choking is a very common occurrence in the care sector due to the nature of who care providers care for on a daily basis. There are many reasons for this such as Dysphagia, physical disabilities, side effects from medications being taken which reduce the amount of saliva we produce, neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease and Huntington’s Disease.

This sadly this means it isn’t “if” people choked but “when” they choke.

Hallmark Care Homes completed their regional training for their group roll out of LifeVac airway clearance devices in September of last year.

This month they had to put their training to the test when two residents within their group days apart began to choke during meal times. On each occasion BLS was carried out which unfortunately failed. LifeVac was used and saved the casualties lives in seconds dislodging the blockage in the airway.


Free replacement LifeVac’s were sent out the same day as our standard procedure.


Matthew Banagan from LifeVac Europe commented “This is amazing news once again! This is LifeVac’s 12th life saved since the end of January and in the UK we have saved lives in Hallmark Care Homes, Four Seasons Health Care, Exemplar Healthcare and Sunrise Senior Living all in the space of 4 months. It is a great feeling to know LifeVac Europe is making such a positive impact in the care sector, especially in such a sad and unprecedented time. We have worked with and equipped over 3600 care and nursing homes across the UK form small independent care providers to the largest care provider in the UK HC-One. We have had to put a lot of providers face to face training on hold for the time being due to the Coronavirus, but with our free training videos and detailed instruction booklets care providers can still have the confidence to use LifeVac to save a life.”


LifeVac is proud to remain the only non-invasive airway clearance device (no risk of pushing the tongue back in a panic situation or obstruction further down) and the ONLY airway clearance device with independent medical testing, verifiable peer reviewed publications and medical abstracts proving it is safe and effective to use. We are proud to lead the way and be the safest option in a choking emergency when BLS fails.


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by LifeVac

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