Our New Translucent LifeVac quick demo! Also invasive suction vs non invasive suction.

We have now introduced our new translucent LifeVac’s which have replaced our yellow LifeVac’s.

We decided to do this for a number of reasons, but two of the main ones were we feel it makes LifeVac more physically appeasing and you can also now easily identify when the obstruction enters the interchangeable sized masks and bellows.

Invasive suction (enters oral cavity such as a tube) has been around for many years in ALS (Advanced Life Support) but due to complications is restricted to ALS only trained professionals.

These complications include:

1) Pushing the tongue back in a panic situation causing bleeding and the tongue to become an additional obstruction.
2) Pushing the obstruction further back.
3) Activating gag reflex which will cause aspiration and vomit to enter the lungs.
4) Ripping the lingual frenulum causing swelling of the tongue and bleeding.
5) Tubes become blocked which renders the equipment useless if only part of the obstruction has been removed.

Due to these complications we invented LifeVac- a non invasive airway clearance device. LifeVac remains the only non invasive airway clearance device and ONLY airway clearance device with peer reviewed publications, peer reviewed abstracts and independent medical testing proving safety, effectiveness and lives saved.

LifeVac has saved over 25 lives from choking to death around the world and 16 of these have been in the care sector.