LifeVac Public Statement

LifeVac Public Statement:


It has been bought to our attention recent articles/statements on social media/internet instigated by bloggers and social media trolls. Sadly, without contacting us directly to start a dialog or even ask for a sample of LifeVac to carry out their own testing/evaluation some resuscitation councils, healthcare professionals and journalists have taken notice of these slanderous bloggers/trolls who have no medical background, who have in turn released their own statements on suction devices. Every negative article on LifeVac or airway clearance devices have been instigated by social media trolls/bloggers who have no medical background.

These articles are slanderous and do not reflect the evidence behind LifeVac or the LifeVac company.

The medical evidence behind LifeVac is available to anyone who has access to the internet or anyone who would like to contact us directly. To make things easier for the people who will read this, we will leave links to evidence within this statement.

When LifeVac first started out 5 years ago with our concept we contacted medical professionals and some resuscitation councils for guidance on the best route to take to show how effective noninvasive suction could be if implemented into BLS protocol. After researching statistics on choking, reviewing peer reviewed publications on the effectiveness of the abdominal thrusts (Heimlich Maneuver), back blows and the many news articles where people have died when BLS has failed, we pointed out that choking protocol is only 70% effective when performed by a healthcare professional in a perfect situation. Unfortunately, no resuscitation council or healthcare professional that we contacted took an interest in this concept to save lives or accepted our invitation to meet for guidance. No resuscitation council will promote or endorse a medical device, just because LifeVac does not have the support from certain resuscitation councils and medical professionals who have never seen a LifeVac device in person or carried out their own unbiased testing, does not mean LifeVac is not to be used or does not work.

Luckily for LifeVac we have had doctors and medical professionals who take an interest in what we are trying to achieve and carried out their own studies.

One of the main questions/statements that seems to arise is that there is “no clinical trials behind these devices”, but when the question is asked “what trials would you like to see as you cannot carry out testing on lives humans due to human rights and ethics in today’s day and age?”. No one seems to have the answer, even the people who are asking this question.

LifeVac is the only noninvasive suction device and only suction device with independent medical testing, peer reviewed publications and abstracts proving safety and effectiveness. Suction has been around for many years in ALS and ILS protocols to clear a foreign body airway obstruction. All LifeVac have done is made a noninvasive suction device that can be used by lay people when BLS has failed, in the hope that one day resuscitation councils will take notice of the 70% effectiveness of what they teach and the 1000’s of deaths each year that occur when BLS fails or cannot be performed due to age, pregnancy and disability. For people who have these circumstances the 70% effectiveness reduces drastically as abdominal thrusts or back blows may not be able to be performed.

LifeVac has saved many lives around the world from choking to death when BLS has failed, these lives have been saved by Emergency Services, Nurses, Support workers and lay people. All lives saved have been documented on a clinical file that have been verified by authorities.

LifeVac has been implemented into Emergency Services, Police Departments, Fire Departments, Care Establishments, Hospitals, Restaurants and Schools around the world.

LifeVac is not a novelty or a gimmick, the LifeVac medical device is safe to use and effective. We will not stop saving lives and will not give up pursuing our goal of getting noninvasive suction implemented into BLS choking protocol to raise the current 70% effectiveness to as close to a 100% effective as possible.

LifeVac is FDA registered, MHRA registered as a class 1 medical device and CE accredited.

LifeVac are always open for further independent testing or constructive suggestions, if you would like to suggest anything or have constructive guidance please feel free to contact us.


Kindest Regards


LifeVac Europe


LifeVac Medical Evidence:

Science Direct – Pressure Generated by LifeVac vs current methods

Published independent cadaver study – AJEM

International Journal Of Clinical Skills – 10 lives saved

LifeVac Adolescent Study – Annals of Emergency Medicine

American Journal Of Gastroenterology – LifeVac

For outbound pressure that proves no air can be forced through  LifeVac’s interchangeable sized masks please contact us directly for this file.

Effectiveness of current BLS:

David Montoya Report – Management of the Choking Victim

Langhelle 2000 chest compression’s vs Heimlich Maneuver

Thorax – BMJ

Whilst there is limited research on the abdominal thrusts and even less on back blows, we will never go against BLS protocol, LifeVac is to be used when BLS fails and this is where LifeVac has saved lives.

Arthur Lih the inventor of LifeVac shares his story

We are extremely proud to have created LifeVac with Arthur who is a close family friend as well as a part of our inspiration.

Since LifeVacs invention and the forming of LifeVac USA and LifeVac Europe, there is now LifeVac Spain, LifeVac Canada, LifeVac Southeast Europe, LifeVac South Africa, LifeVac Polska and LifeVac Japan. All with one goal to save lives and become a part of standard choking protocol to raise the current 70% effectiveness of BLS choking protocol to as close to a 100% effective as possible.

For people who are wheelchair users this 70% effectiveness is less than half as abdominal thrusts may not be able to be performed.

LifeVac has saved many lives around the world, the most recent being in a care home in Preston, United Kingdom and Lifevac’s first life saved in Australia.

Suction has been around for many years in ALS  protocol, but due to this type of suction being invasive (having tubes) there are risks such as pushing the obstruction further back, tearing of the Lingual Frenulum making the tongue become an additional obstruction and tubes becoming blocked rendering the equipment useless. So this type of suction is restricted to ALS trained professionals that can counteract these complications.

This why LifeVac was invented, so that non-invasive suction can be used by anyone. LifeVac remains the ONLY airway clearance device with independent medical testing and peer reviewed medical publications proving safety, effectiveness and lives saved.


Entrepreneur invents life saving device – Yahoo News