11 month old Amarannia saved from choking to death.

11 month old Amarannia was playing in her living room when she picked up a piece of plastic and put it in her mouth.

Amarannia’s mother suddenly heard a strange gurgling noise from the living room, and her worst fear had come true, Amarannia was choking. She ran over to her and could see something sharp in her throat. Amarannia’s mother tried to grab it as she could see the piece of plastic, but when Amarannia gasped the piece of plastic went further down and had now completely blocked her airway. Her mother tried back blows, but it was stuck, her older daughter called EMS right away.  Amarannia’s mother kept trying back blows, but Amarannia’s lips were turning blue, nothing was working.  She then remembered that the device she dug out from her closet for the family trip was still in her suitcase. She ran to grab it, and used it on Amarannia. It took two tries, then “out popped a plastic piece [from a thick plastic bag clasp].”  Amarannia’s lips turned pink, she started to cry, and soon after, was puzzled why her mother looked so distressed. The paramedics arrived, checked the baby, and deemed she was well, her breathing was normal, her lungs were clear and she was running around as if her mother’s worst nightmare hadn’t just happened.

Matthew Banagan from LifeVac Europe commented “Another life saved from LifeVac is great to hear, especially it being another little child. This is again proving noninvasive suction is crucial to have when BLS fails and hopefully will be included into first aid choking protocol guidelines in the future, to increase the current 70% effectiveness of BLS choking protocol to as close to a 100% effective as possible “.

LifeVac has saved lives from all around the world, in the UK LifeVac is very popular in the care sector as choking is a common occurrence due to Neurological diseases such a Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington’s Disease and physical disabilities. In the UK LifeVac has worked with over 2200 care and nursing homes across the UK from small independent care homes to some of the largest well respected care providers, providing training and easy integration into care providers care plans. LifeVac has saved 18 lives in the care sector alone.





For the use on adults only in the UK and Ireland until further notice.

CCTV footage of LifeVac saving a life.

A 3 year old boy with Down Syndrome was eating a hot dog with his parent’s in an IKEA restaurant, The little boy began to choke on the hot dog. His parents carried out BLS protocol which failed. The little boy could not breath, speak or cough. The security team acted swiftly retrieving  LifeVac from the wall mounted box. On the first application LifeVac dislodged pieces of sausage and bread saving the 3 year old boys life.

This week we have received CCTV footage from IKEA, showing how the scary incident evolved and how LifeVac saved the little boys life.

At 1 minute 43 seconds, you can see the security guard run over to the restaurant counter shouting for the LifeVac wall mounted kit. You can then see the staff member come running out with the wall mounted LifeVac and then see a life being saved.


Matthew Banagan from LifeVac Europe commented “Its amazing to see LifeVac in action saving this little boys life! It’s wonderful every time we receive documented feedback that LifeVac saved another life, but to actually see it in action is amazing. This again shows how non invasive suction is such a crucial life saving necessity to have when BLS fails, we hope one day non invasive suction will be a part of BLS protocol to raise the current 70% effectiveness to as close to a 100% as possible.”

To learn more about the training LifeVac delivers visit our training section  or visit our shop to see how we can help you safeguard the people you care for.





For the use on adults only in the UK and Ireland until further notice.

LifeVac saves 1 year old Killian’s life from choking to death!

On the 7th of June 2019, LifeVac was once again informed of another life saved. In Lafayette, Indiana, this time it was a little extra special, 1 year of Killian was eating little carrots when he began to choke. Killian started to turn red/purple due to lack of oxygen, Killian received back blows due to his age which were unsuccessful. LifeVac was then used by his mother Morgan with the pediatric mask which dislodged the carrot on the first application, Killain began to breath again and LifeVac saved his life.

Killian was taken to hospital due to the ordeal so that he could have an examination, he was checked over by a doctor and returned home with no adverse effects from the choking ordeal.

Toni Hendricks (Killian’s Grandmother) commented “Thank you to our good Lord, the quick thinking of my daughter Morgan and to Arthur Lih, the inventor of LifeVac for saving my grandson Killian’s life!”.

LifeVac has now saved 31 lives from choking to death when standard BLS has failed, 2 of our lives saved have now been children, a 3 year old boy who has Down Syndrome in an IKEA restaurant who choked on a Hot Dog and now our youngest 1 year old Killian.

Eric Banagan, LifeVac Europe’s Managing Director commented “It is always great to hear when LifeVac saves another life, but it is always extra special when we hear it was the life of a little child. This once again shows noninvasive suction has a place in BLS protocol as now LifeVac has been used 31 times and saved those 31 lives when current BLS methods have failed or have not been able to be performed. Lives saved like Killain’s is why LifeVac is equipped into schools all around the world, to protect our future generation, son’s, daughters, brothers, sisters and grandchildren.”


For information about LifeVac please visit our about us section or visit our Shop to see how we can help you protect the ones you love and care for.





For the use on adults only in the UK and Ireland until further notice.


LifeVac’s 30th life saved!

On the 5th of June 2019 LifeVac Europe was informed of another life saved in the UK care sector.

An elderly female resident from Aspen Lodge Care Home was enjoying her lunch when she began to choke on potato. Carers acted quickly administering BLS protocol which unfortunately failed and the resident started to become unconscious. One of the carers ran and grabbed LifeVac which is equipped in all of the care providers homes across the UK. The carer then applied LifeVac which dislodged the potato saving the female residents life.


Matt Banagan from LifeVac Europe commented “This is amazing news once again, knowing that LifeVac is reducing the high death rate due to choking in the care sector. This is LifeVac’s 30th life saved and 20th in the care sector, we are working hard to get non invasive suction into BLS and continue to save lives when abdominal thrusts and back blows fail. Choking is one of the leading causes of accidental deaths in adults over the age of 65, after training so many care homes we have found that a resident choking is a carers worst fear.”


LifeVac has worked with and equipped over 2000 care and nursing homes across the UK. LifeVac replaces used devices free of charge to help care homes with cost, offers free video training links, face to face training and train the trainer training. LifeVac also understands the tight budgets surrounding the care sector in the UK so offers 3 different variations of LifeVac from £59.95 to £84.95.

LifeVac Public Statement Clarification

In relation to the controversy raised by the statement published. LifeVac Europe Limited, would like to excuse itself for what has clearly been an error in the terminology used in its communication.

We recognize the misuse of the term “Social Media troll”, which did not refer to the health professionals who have given us their contributions, to whom we ratify our most sincere apologies.


It is not the intention of Life Vac Europe to question the opinions of health professionals. On the contrary, we want to emphasize that from LifeVac Europe Ltd., not only do we value all the opinions of the medical and the emergency sector, but we also collaborate closely with this field. We reiterate our offer to collect assessments and / or experiences on the use of LifeVac airway clearance device and are always open to medical professionals who would like to under take any testing/trials to further more prove the efficacy of LifeVac in addition to the medical publications, lives saved and independent medical studies that already support LifeVac.


LifeVac is a non-invasive suction device intended to be used after the protocol of the European Resuscitation Guidelines for OVACE cases when this protocol has not been successful. The purpose of LifeVac is not to replace the established guidelines, but to offer an additional alternative when the protocol has not been effective at relieving the obstruction. In this scenario, LifeVac has been used successfully with documented cases, and no contraindication has been described in the patients with whom it has been used.



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