LifeVac saves 40th life.

16th of September LifeVac was informed of saving our 40th life. On Saturday the 14th of September, Mark and his wife were enjoying dinner with their 11-month-old son Oscar.

Oscar was eating chopped up tuna and pasta, when he put too much food in his mouth and began to choke. His father and mother, two trained nurses, tried to dislodge the food by giving back slaps to Oscar which unfortunately failed. Oscar’s lips started to turn blue due to lack of oxygen. Mark grabbed his LifeVac home kit and applied LifeVac to his son in an effort to dislodge the obstruction in Oscar’s throat. After applying LifeVac a large tuna and pasta bolus was dislodged saving Oscar’s life.

“Thank you so much, my son is still here because I bought your device. Never in a million years did I think I would ever need it.” – Mark, Oscar’s father.


Eric Banagan LifeVac Europe’s MD commented “This is great news! LifeVac saves another life, little 11 month old Oscar. We are always overwhelmed when we hear of LifeVac saving lives nearly every week, but when it’s a child it makes it that little extra special. This again proves the need for suction devices to be implemented into BLS choking protocol to raise the current 70% effectiveness to as close to a 100% effective as possible. The use of suction has been around in ALS and ILS for years, but they have all been invasive suction due to complications with tubes and the risks of pushing obstruction further back. We are very proud to be the only non invasive airway clearance/suction device and the leader in airway clearance device technology.






For the use on adults only in the UK and Ireland until further notice.

LifeVac saves 37th life from choking to death!

On the 10th of September LifeVac was informed of our 37th life saved!

In March LifeVac partnered with CareChoice Ireland care group who rolled out LifeVac across all of their homes after staff receiving training.

CareChoice Ireland provide outstanding care to the wonderful resident’s that reside in their beautiful care establishments that range from 50 bedded homes to 165 bedded homes.

In September at one of CareChoice’s homes LifeVac was put into action when a resident began to choke. BLS protocol was carried out which unfortunately did not dislodge the obstruction, staff grabbed LifeVac and used it to dislodge the food which saved their resident’s life.


Matthew Banagan from LifeVac Europe commented “This is such great news to hear of another life being saved, especially in the care sector again! It has been a pleasure working with CareChoice Ireland for their roll out.

Recently reading sad news reports of tragic deaths from choking in various care homes around the UK, it is really nice to see we are making a difference by saving lives. We firmly believe within the next few years the leading cause of accidental death in adults over the age of 65 will be a thing of the past. We are proud to say we have worked with over 2800 care and nursing homes across the UK and they have put their trust in the original, leading airway clearance device, LifeVac”.

LifeVac saves 36th life!

On the 27th of August LifeVac was informed once again of saving another child’s life!


Sue Stokes who is certified in BLS protocol had to put her life saving skills to the test on Friday morning to save her son Nicholas’s life.

Sue who has had to previously put her life saving skills to the test 3 times previously, didn’t expect to have to do this again when her son Nicholas started to choke on peanut butter and bread.

Nicholas was eating his snack when he began to choke, Sue quickly realised her son was in trouble and unable to breath, she carried out the abdominal thrusts which she had done successfully before, but this time they did not work. Sue quickly remembered LifeVac that she had purchased years prior. She laid Nicholas on his side and quickly applied the LifeVac. With one application a large piece of peanut butter and bread roughly 3 inches long was dislodged saving Nicholas’s life.

“It really saved his (Nicholas’s) life this morning!!!!” ~ Sue Stokes~


Matthew Banagan from LifeVac Europe commented “Hearing of another life saved is amazing! This is LifeVac’s 6th child saved, knowing another child has their full life ahead of them thanks to his quick thinking mother and LifeVac is an amazing feeling. All of our lives saved have been when protocol has failed or has not been able to be performed, knowing we have created something that continues to save lives when all else fails is irreplaceable”.





For the use on adults only in the UK and Ireland until further notice.