Future Care Group Rolls Out LifeVac

This week, we are delivering regional training across the UK for Future Care Group.

Future Care Group have partnered with LifeVac and have equipped our non invasive airway clearance device across all of their care facilities around the UK.

We are delivering training at the beautiful Cedar View Care Centre tomorrow where everyone will be trained on how and when to use LifeVac to save another life.


Future Care Group provides Nursing Care, Residential Care, Respite Care, Convalescent and post-operative care, Palliative and terminal care.

Future Care Group are now part of the LifeVac family and one of the many care groups around the UK who have equipped LifeVac to safeguard the people they care for on a daily basis in a choking emergency.


Eric Banagan, MD of LifeVac Europe commented “We have been delivering training this week to the amazing staff of Future Care Group. Everyone has been really interactive, expressing the importance of needing a LifeVac in place and can see how easy it is to use to save someones life. We are very proud to welcome Future Care Group to the ever growing list of care groups who really see the importance of providing an extra safety measure for a choking emergency.”


LifeVac are proud to be the only non invasive airway clearance device an only airway clearance device with independent medical testing, peer reviewed publications and medical abstracts proving safety and effectiveness. Leading the way for airway clearance device technology.