2 more lives saved by LifeVac in a choking emergency

LifeVac Europe are proud to announce we have been informed of two more lives saved when BLS has failed to dislodge an obstruction of the upper airway.

A Care Home “San Juan de Dios” in Pego, Alicante (SPAIN) is where a 70 year old male resides who started to choke during meal time. Carers carried out BLS protocol which unfortunately failed to dislodge the whole mushroom in the gentleman’s airway and he became unconscious.

The staff quickly called the Spanish EMS who have LifeVac equipped within their response vehicles, LifeVac was applied to the unconscious gentleman and dislodged the whole mushroom. The gentleman was then taken to hospital for examination where he was given the “all clear”.


LifeVac was then used again on the other side of the world saving a 4 and a half year old girl from choking to death on a grape in the United States of America.

A testimonial from the little girls mother: “I am the mother of a 4.5 year old little girl. Thanks to LifeVac she is still with us today after choking on a grape from her salad. We were given the LifeVac from her grandparents and never in a million years did we expect to need it. My husband tried performing back blows and finger sweeps to remove the grape and when it failed we reached for the LifeVac. After using the device twice the grape was dislodged and she began breathing. We are so thankful that we had LifeVac on hand.”

We hope to receive a picture of the incredibly brave family soon.


Eric Banagan Managing Director for LifeVac Europe commented: “This is amazing news to hear! Saving two lives thousands of miles apart and also with a 65 year age difference is brilliant! LifeVac has saved over 21 lives since January of this year, with such sad challenging times at the moment affecting the whole world, it’s great hearing positive news and lives being saved when all else fails.

We have some exciting things in the pipeline this year such as continuing to work with the NHS, being informed of more peer reviewed medical publications on LifeVac and entering new markets. We are very proud of our team and our distributors around the world. Leading the way in airway clearance device technology and still being the only airway clearance device with independent medical testing, verifiable peer reviewed medical publications and medical abstracts proving safety and effectiveness.”

LifeVac Europe begin delivering training to care groups in the UK again this month with Community Integrated Care being the first to receive training on LifeVac for the people they care for on a daily basis.


We also look forward to welcoming more care groups to the LifeVac family within the next couple of months.




Not for use on children in the UK and Ireland until further notice. We hope we can save more children in the UK very soon.