Four more lives saved!

We have been informed LifeVac has been used in different parts of the world again to save more lives from choking to death when BLS has failed.


2 year old Eva was saved from choking to death on hard candy thank’s to her quick thinking mum and LifeVac.

A statement from Eva’s mother:

“First let me start by saying that my beautiful, smart, and full of life 2 year old daughter would not be with me today without LifeVac.
Eva was sitting next to me, eating a piece of candy in our living room when I watched her suck in and start choking. Immediately I knew her airway was completely blocked and I started administering back blows. There was no coughing, no gasping, no crying screams – the complete lack of breath sounds was terrifying. Eva was desperately trying to reach down her throat with her hands and she was turning red to blue quickly. I administered back blows for 30 seconds or more, flipping her back and forth to try and help dislodge the candy, to no avail. I remembered the LifeVac I had purchased more than a year ago (when she first started eating solid foods) stashed under my kitchen sink. I prayed in my head that the device would work because I feared if I had to call 911 first responders would arrive too late. I only had to use the device once (place, plunge, pull) and the candy popped out right into the mask! After a good bit of consoling, Eva was completely fine.

I do want to point out that the device is so easy to use, even in times of panic. I had read the directions and assembled the device one time prior to it’s use over a year ago! I didn’t have time to look at them again before I used it on my daughter.

Thank you again for making such a wonderful device – and ultimately saving my daughters life ❤️.”

LifeVac’s first two lives saved in the Netherlands


LifeVac Europe took on LifeVac Benelux as a distributor following the 2019 ERC Congress held in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. A very good decision that became quickly apparent due to their shared passion in saving lives.

LifeVac was used in an elder care facility in the Netherlands to save two separate people from choking to death when BLS had failed. We look forward to sharing more information on this when it is shared with us.


LifeVac was used for the first time within Akari Care in the UK.


It was reported to us that LifeVac was used successfully to clear an obstruction of the airway within Akari Care when one of the wonderful people that they care for began to choke during meal time. When a resident began to choke staff acted quickly delivering BLS protocol which failed to dislodge the obstruction. LifeVac was deployed within seconds clearing the residents airway.

Akari Care completed their group roll out of LifeVac in December of 2019, which like many other care groups has proven to be a great success in the time of need in a choking emergency.


Matthew Banagan, one of the Directors from LifeVac Europe commented:

“This is absolutely brilliant news! I feel it is becoming a weekly occurrence we are receiving reports LifeVac is saving lives when all else fails. Our lives saved so far this year have doubled if not tripled than previous years which shows the real need for LifeVac and hand held suction devices to be implemented into BLS protocol. BLS protocol is ONLY 70% effective when performed correctly in a perfect situation, for people who are wheelchair users this percentage drops drastically as they may not be able to receive the abdominal thrusts and/or back blows.

I have just completed training for Care UK which was held at Lennox House Care Home in Islington, London. It was great speaking with Joe Nichols the care home manager who informed me that he has personally used LifeVac within the previous care company he worked for to save a residents life who choked on chicken.


We have some very exciting things lined up this year from entering the market in Dubai by taking on a new distributor, working with an ENT surgeon from GOSH in London to welcoming even more care providers to the LifeVac family in the UK.

LifeVac will continue being the leader in airway clearance device technology, being the original, only non-invasive airway clearance device and only airway clearance device with independent medical testing, peer reviewed medical publications and medical abstracts proving safety and effectiveness”.

LifeVac saves another life within Hallmark Care Homes and in the Spanish care sector!

It seems we are sharing news nearly every other week or month that LifeVac has saved another life as we continue to grow and lead the way in choking prevention.

Once again we have been informed LifeVac has saved two more lives, this time in two different countries hundreds of miles apart thanks to quick thinking carers and proactive care groups who go the extra step to safeguard the people they care for on a daily basis.


LifeVac Europe were informed one of our devices was used within Hallmark care homes during meal time.

A resident began to choke during during meal time while sitting in her chair and could not breath. Staff acted very quickly to the situation delivering BLS protocol which unfortunately failed to clear the residents airway. LifeVac was then deployed within seconds clearing dislodging the airway obstruction saving the residents life.

Hallmark Care Homes followed their company vision  “To be recognised as the leading provider of high quality, relationship-centred care for all residents.” last September when they rolled out LifeVac across their group having selected face to face training with our team.

This decision has proven to be very proactive as this is now the 3rd life saved by quick thinking carers and LifeVac within Hallmark Care Homes since their group roll out.

A free replacement LifeVac was sent out the same day as per our standard procedure.



LifeVac Europe was also informed of saving another life within the Spanish care sector when a 44 year old female resident began to choke in a Daycare home in Valencia, Spain.

The female resident started choking on her turkey sandwich, which became a full airway obstruction. Staff again acted very quickly delivering BLS protocol which failed to dislodge the large food bolus. LifeVac was then deployed and dislodged the ball of bread and meat in her airway. The resident began to breath again making a full recovery.



Matthew Banagan from LifeVac Europe commented: “This is amazing news as always! When we very first started we only heard of LifeVac being used every 2-3 months, but now it is being reported to us by the end user nearly every other week of LifeVac being used to save a life. Hallmark Care Homes completed regional training for their group roll out in September 2019 and since then we are very proud to have saved 3 lives within their group in a choking emergency.

We have helped hundreds of care homes/groups reach Outstanding across the board and are extremely privileged to have partnered with small independent care homes to the largest care provider in the UK HC-One who rolled out LifeVac across their group in January.

We just completed training for Community Integrated Care a few weeks ago and we are also looking forward to welcoming another one of the largest care groups in the UK to the LifeVac family very soon. LifeVac have some very exciting things lined up this year to enable us to venture into new markets and also more countries, which we look forward to sharing with everyone very soon.”



LifeVac continues to be to only non-invasive airway clearance device, meaning there are non tubes that can become blocked rendering the device useless if only part of the obstruction has been removed and there is no risk of pushing the tongue or obstruction back in a panic situation. LifeVac is also very proud to be the only airway clearance device with any medical testing proving safety and effectiveness. LifeVac has peer reviewed medical publications, medical abstracts and independent medical testing which is why we lead the way in airway clearance device technology.