3 year old boy saved by LifeVac!

On November 14th,  LifeVac was used again to save the life of a 3-year-old boy named Zeppelin who was choking on fruit loops (cereal).

Zeppelin was on the kitchen floor, not able to cough or make a sound. He was unresponsive when his mother spoke to him. His airway was completely blocked and was turning blue. His mother a trained professional (EMT), performed the abdominal thrusts on him twice and EMS were called.  She quickly laid her son on the floor utilizing the LifeVac as choking rescue procedures were unsuccessful. On the first pull, LifeVac removed the food bolus from Zeppelins airway, his breathing was restored saving his life.

Zeppelin was taken to hospital following the ordeal where he was examined thoroughly and an x-ray taken. “This product is literally a life saver”, said his mother, Sierra.


Matthew Banagan from LifeVac Europe commented: “Another life saved by a fast acting mother and LifeVac, these past 2 months we have saved many lives and every one is fantastic to read. This is what keeps us going and keeps us pushing very hard to get non invasive suction into BLS protocol, so thousands of lives can be saved every year when BLS fails”.





For the use on adults only in the UK and Ireland until further notice.

by LifeVac

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