LifeVac saves it’s youngest life, 3 week old Audrey.

On the 15th of November LifeVac was informed once again of saving another life.

This time it is very special, our youngest life to date, a 3 week old girl named Audrey Johnson.

Audrey was unable to breath due to a mix of thick mucus and gripe water in her airway. Audrey started to turn blue due to lack of oxygen, her mother Brittany while on the phone to EMS started to work quickly carrying out newborn BLS protocol which was not working to clear Audrey’s airway.

Audrey’s father Jerad grabbed LifeVac from his cabinet and used it to clear the thick mucus from his daughters airway, restoring her breathing and saving her life.


Eric from LifeVac Europe commented:  “This is fantastic news! Our youngest life saved, knowing Audrey has her whole life ahead of her thanks to her quick thinking parents and LifeVac is the best feeling. This is LifeVac’s 9th child saved from choking to death and reiterates the need for non invasive suction to be implemented into BLS protocol which we are working very hard to achieve.”





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by LifeVac

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