Six lives in only 2 months!

The start of the year has been amazing for LifeVac, We understand that some people do report to us when LifeVac has saved a life, as this is what is expected from our device.

So to encourage all uses to be reported back to us every LifeVac comes with a feedback form, we offer free replacement LifeVacs to help with cost and to say thank you for putting your faith in the leaders for airway clearance device technology.

Since January, 6 lives have been reported back to us which as always is amazing news!

Two lives have been within the USA and 4 lives have been within the UK care sector where choking is a very common occurrence due the wonderful people who are cared for that unfortunately suffer from conditions such as Dementia, Dysphagia, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease,  they may rely on a wheelchair for mobility or who are just too frail to receive full BLS protocol.



Marie from LifeVac Europe commented: “This is great to news to start 2020, the 5th time LifeVac has been used within Four Seasons Health Care and our 1st within Sunrise Senior Living and Roseberry Care. As always saving children from choking to death when all else fails is one of the best feelings, knowing they have the rest of their lives ahead of them.



by LifeVac

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